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Dec. 5th, 2005 | 04:51 pm
mood: contemplativecontemplative

Friends cut is today. The following people never commented-


So, if you all would please remove me from your friends list.

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(no subject)

Jun. 14th, 2005 | 01:56 am

Mine and Cori's adventureCollapse )

EDIT: I made it public so Luna can read it.

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Sep. 15th, 2004 | 08:14 pm
mood: boredbored
music: Seether-Needles

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-Comment to be added
-Add me first & I'll probably add you back
I'm not expecting that many comments, or any at all. haha

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yay my stuff came!

Sep. 15th, 2004 | 05:33 pm
music: The "Fat Kid" song from 99x is stuck in my head..

Yay! The stuff I ordered from the Evanescence Store came today. Anyways, we started some free topic essay today in compostion and we're supposed to have a cover sheet for it. So i was wondering if any of yall would make me an amy lee blend for it. I'll get all the pictures. I'd love you forever if you made it for me <3.

I probably won't be on for the next few days. There's a good chance Atlanta is going to lose power because of the hurricane and I'm going to my dad's this weekend and I never get on there. I'm gonna go, i'll post again later tonight after i've seen my dvd that came with my Evanescence stuff.

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Sep. 14th, 2004 | 09:32 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Seether-Needles

*OK, I AM SORRY TO ANYONE I'VE BEEN A BITCH TOO OR THAT I'M GOING TO BE A BITCH TO....i think im pmsing lol. Anyways, today before lunch some 6th grader came up to my locker and I have pictures of evanescence, amy lee, linkin park, the ramones, soty, and other bands i love. So anyways this kid comes up to me and looks at my locker and says who are all these people? I turned around and just stared at him in shock. He thinks that my picture of story of the year is a picture of good charlotte i turn back around and i'm like no it's story of the year, there is no way i would ever like or listen to good charlotte. Then I turn back around and he's asking me something again. He looks at my picture of Amy Lee and is like whoa who is she? Now, I'm really pissed so I turn back around and I said That's Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanescence the best band ever and if you don't know who she is or who evanescence is, then you must listen to some bad music. Then I slammed my locker and left.

But anyways...hm what else happened today. I went to target and got my white tank top and some black and red striped socks for my Amy Lee costume. I'm going to get one of those iron on transfers and iron on "Rock Royalty" on the white tank top. I don't know if I'm going to use the striped socks yet. I think my costume is going to look pretty damn good lol. I don't know what I shuld do about the bottom of it. Wear just the striped socks and boots and the skirt I made(that says broken, lies, hate, and a bunch of other stuff) or if I should just wear black pants with chains and the skirt on top with no striped socks.

Tell me which one you think I should do. And one of these days I'm going to post and take a picture of my wings for the costume. They look just liek the ones Amy Lee wore in the Broken Video. Has anyone else noticed that my posts are getting a lot longer??

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ANOTHER amy lee dream

Sep. 13th, 2004 | 07:28 pm
music: Evanescence-Forever Gone, Forever You

I had another Amy lee dream Saturday night I think. But this was a lot weirder and funnier than my other one

I was at school and the breakroom somehow became this huge party with stacks of cushions that everyone was standing on. The lights are blue and there's a disco ball going around. And a tv was playing some disco music. So anyways the cushion stacks were in 2 seperate groups. Everyone else was on the one on the right and I was on the left one all alone. Now everyone is discoing and next thing I know Amy Lee is on the stack of cushions with me discoing. Haha it was pretty funny. She stayed there for a while the jumped onto the other stack of cushions.

God, I have some weird dreams.The 99x morning show was so funny this morning. They were trying to make Fat Kid get a tattoo, but he wasn't going to. So they told him if he completes 4 tasks this week, they won;t make hin get that tattoo. But if he doesn't he gets a tattoo on Friday. It was pretty funny. Anyways today I went to school. It was so boring, I was about to fall asleep in Study Hall. Then I came home, listened to Velvet Revolver, did some studying, and now i'm here.
...such an exciting day...

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(no subject)

Sep. 12th, 2004 | 03:03 pm
mood: hothot
music: Velvet Revolver-Slither

Ok..i haven't updated in a while so this entry is gonna be long

Friday-I went to all these antique stores with my mom and my stepdad's cousin charlotte. One of them we went to, the antique supermall i think was the shit. I was looking at some of the stuff and i found my wings for my amy lee costume. holy crap they look just liek the ones in the broken video. i'm so exciting. And i was looking at some dresses and stuff there too and i saw the most beautiful dress ever. It was from the victorian era, 1880. I wanted to get it so bad but it was $2,900. so much for that. Then i remembered i had cori's party to go to and i didnt have time to run home and take a shower. So we just had to stop by excerd's (sp?) to get a bag and some eyeliner and stuff for me. Then we got to the movies and saw without a paddle. It was pretty stupid lol. DUDE!! we saw sarah driskell there. holy shit of all people to run into, we ran into that stupid fatass whore. She started talking to us and stuff in that retarded voice, ya know the high pitched one where she's pretending to like you and stuff. But then cori was like wheres your popcorn at? holy shit it was so funny she didnt say anything back. So we just got up and went outside. Then we came back to cori's house, ate food, opened presents, then mark came over and we all walked around the neighborhood.

Saturday-I stayed at Cori's house, we went to the nailplace and i was supposed to get my nails done like all black then with white tips but the lady said she couldnt do it. We walked over to publix and had a sub and chips for lunch then we waited on her mom to come and get us. We got back to her house, stayed there for an hour or two then we went out again to Target. I got the new Papa Roach cd<3. yup, then we came home ate food, and went to sleep.

Today-I got home, took a shower, listened to my new Velvet Revolver cd, and now i'm here. I'm gonna go listen to Papa Roach


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friends only??

Sep. 9th, 2004 | 09:29 pm
mood: confusedconfused
music: Nothing

I'm thinking about making my journal friends only because i think some people i really hate are reading this and my life is none of their damn business. i don't bother with them so why should they be reading all my personal shit? I don't know comment if you think i should make my journal friends only

Anyways, i got to stay home from school again today since everyone else is at camp highlands and i couldnt go..so yeah i just sat around all. And i ordered a shirt, a tank top, a patch, and i got a free dvd from the evanescence store. yeah i know so exciting lol. i also worked on my amy lee costume today, it's gonna be bangin. haha sorry i've been saying that word all week. well i guess thats it

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(no subject)

Sep. 8th, 2004 | 01:50 pm
mood: happyhappy

i had the best dream last night! it's like the only i i've ever had that i understood. All my other ones are weird or scary as hell, but this one was awesome.
I dreamed my and my stepdad were in one of those parking decks and we were heading to the stairs. when we got to the stairs i saw Amy Lee coming down the stairs. she was wearing her "princess corspe" dress, the one she wore to the 2004 grammys. at first i wasn't going to say anything to her, but then i thought wait this is probably going to be my only chance to meet her. so i turned around, ran up to her and i said hey amy, i said it kind of choky. i was shaking because there i was talking to my idol and i didn't know what to say. then i was like can i have a hug? then she gave me a hug and we were like the same height, 5'1. i don't know if she really is that tall in real life. but she was in my dream lol. then i think i said something like crap i should have the brought the letter i wrote to you. i knew if i ever got the chance to meet you, i'd totally forget what to say. then amy laughed. then that was it, my dream stopped. or i just forgot what else happened. and, by the way i really do have a letter i've written to amy, just incase i'm ever lucky enough to meet her. i really would completely forgot what i want to say to her. yeah i know im wayy to obssessed with amy and evanescence.

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im happy..for once

Sep. 7th, 2004 | 09:52 pm
mood: lazylazy
music: I've had about 50 different songs stuck in my head today...

whoa today was great. school was hilrious except for a few periods sucked...math, and p.e (because i had to walk the whole time)..And at the end of the day mr rutherford went all psycho and was like you have to go to camphighlands it's not optional blah blah blah. And i was thinking yeah ok, you or this school cant make me do anything. i dont care if i dont go if i do go ill just get sick again. and my moms acting pretty retarded about it to when she was the one who said i shouldnt go because of the ragweed. Now she's saying mallory you have to go to school those days and i was like, mom ill be the only one there are you retarded? then she didnt say anything so i left. but i am so happy im going to school and cori's party rather than going to camp highlands, where i'd just get sick from the ragweed.

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